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Серебряные коробочки-нагреватели

В такой коробочке можно было еще и нагревать печенье, булочки, кексы и любую другую выпечку.



В викторианскую эпоху их делали форме сумочек или сундучков, морских раковин, из цельного серебра с позолотой или из металла с серебряным покрытием.

В принципе, они могут быть использованы для любых продуктов, ограничивает только размер.

Ажурные вставки- гриль держат печенье/кексы на месте и могут быть сняты или подняты, когда требуется.

Обычно их ставили в духовку, также конструкция может предусматривать нагрев на жаровне, спиртовке или на паровой(водяной) бане. При желании в такой контейнер можно заложить даже угли- коробочка поворачивается вокруг своей оси, угли не будут контактировать с продуктами.

Они были с двумя отделениями и даже тройными- для разных видов выпечки.

============Silver Biscuit Box/Warmers==============


---------------для печенья------------------

A late Victorian Staniforth's Patent plated biscuit warmer, with lobed covers revealing pierced liners & cast twig handles;

Engraved muzzled bear crest.

Price: $$950.00



Antique English Silver Plated Twin Shell Biscuit Box/Warmer

Ca. 1890


Antique Ornate Victorian Gilt Silverplate Biscuit Box Warmer

Rare Three Sides Silver Plate Biscuit Box Warmer. One owner from a Houston Society Debutante Home. Mechanical works.


Large Silver Plated Roll Top biscuit warmer made by Mappin & Webb .Beautifully chased designs .The egg shape body is supported by four winged Griffin Legs. Engraved on the front as a presentation for a Billiards Match .This piece was made by Mappin & Webb Feb 18th 1870’s as marked on the bottom.

Mappin & Webb is completely famous 19th Century Silversmiths of London & Silversmiths of The Royal Family


English silverplate bun warmer, two shell form hinged sides with racks,


================Для кексов и булочек================



AN ENGLISH VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED BUN WARMER, having engraved sides with wreath handles that open to reveal the pierced covered bun covers, figural griffiths and ivory handle.



Ornate chased and engraved Victorian silverplate bun warmer.

Mechanical tri-section shell form server reveals a gold washed interior with pierced guards, all upon a tripod base set on hoof feet


Ornate Victorian era silverplate bun or muffin warmer. Mechanical shell form server reveals two pierced guards, the sides of the base and handle comprised of a scrolling design.


Bun warmer, closed Silver plate



English Folding Biscuit Box. Often Called Muffin Warmers, Gladstone Bags...Very Decorative, And A Great Conversation Piece. Can Be Used For Potpourri, Flowers, Rolls, Candy Or Almost Any Type Of Food Item, As Well As Biscuits.. Made By Welbeck Plate, A Good Turn Of The Century English Silversmith.



2 pierced grill inserts keep biscuits / muffins in place and can be lifted up to give you access to items in the shell shaped baskets. The inserts fold down into the frame when not needed. Traditionally these boxes were kept by the fire to warm the biscuits.



A gorgeous silver plated biscuit container





A Victorian Silverplate "folding" biscuit box. The two sides of the container meet at the top and stand upright on their own. Each side holds a small "wreath" shaped finger ring at the top.


The inside pierced liner has a "bend over" tab. Together they meet on either side to form a secure closure. The inner flat liner separates from the outer shell to easily place biscuits, muffins and the like on the inside.


Antique Continental Silver Folding Biscuit Box

An unusual antique German silver double folding biscuit box with engraved sides and a standing cherub to the top. The stunning interior has pretty pierced grills which keep the biscuits in place. Maker B & Z. Circa 1900


Victorian silver plate biscuitiere

circa 1890

Silver plate biscuit sachet

England, circa 1890

Victorian clamshell design, silver plated biscuit sachet

circa 1880

Silver plated shell design biscuit satchel

England, circa 1860

W. Gibson & Co. England electroplated double sided biscuit sachet

England, circa 1890

Silver plate biscuitiere with diamond registration mark for September 1876, made by 'F. Bros'

England, circa 1880



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