kayros (kayros_81) wrote,

Steampunk by Amazon-Butterfly and Ophelias Overdose

Технический прогресс одаривает нас все более совершенными
средствами для движения вспять. Олдос Хаксли

The Brass Butterfly by Amazon Butterfly

Horometrical Permutation Ad by Amazon-Butterfly

Flux Agitation Vintage Ad by Amazon-Butterfly

Ambit Triangulator Revised by Amazon-Butterfly

Vintage Returning Songbird Ad by Amazon-Butterfly

Steampunk Valentine by Amazon-Butterfly

Embattled by Ophelias Overdose

Prayer by Ophelias Overdose

Reincarnation by Ophelias Overdose

Clockwork by Ophelias Overdose

End.Station by Ophelias-Overdose

Endless skies by Ophelias-Overdose

The end will never come by Ophelias-Overdose

Silent muse by Ophelias-Overdose

Infinity by Ophelias-Overdose

Стимпанк. Почитать

Tags: Цитаты, креатив, портрет, стимпанк, фотография / photo

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